Staff Training

Seeds & Sprouts strongly believes that the world of Early Childhood Education is constantly changing, so how do we keep up with this ever evolving field?

Workshops are offered to our educators on popular subjects throughout the year

We put together a yearly Professional Development Day where we bring in outside speakers , and host internal workshops onsite where we target specific areas within our Edmonton and Beaumont program.

We strongly believe in positive learning environments, adult directed consequences are not encouraged. We encourage children to learn self-help skills, such as problem solving, and negotiation. Our qualified staff guides the learning of these skills with the children in our Nursery Room all the way through to our school age children. We also believe in giving children an opportunity to learn through their mistakes. This is also known as natural and logical consequences. On that note we ensure that the safety of children is always a key component within our center and outside while exploring the environment. Information on our strategies is shared with the parents in an effort to keep home and daycare on the same page. We very much encourage parents to share what strategies they use at home, and we work together for the best interests of the children in our mutual care.

Staff are working towards higher levels of Education within our field.

Exploring other programs, and working together as a community to bring together our most valuable assets and knowledge – we learn from each other!

Training on Screening tools – ASQ / ASQSE (Ages and Stages) to better support children’s developmental needs

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