About Us


We strive to be more than just a daycare center, rather each child’s home away from home. We provide high quality materials in our center to maximize the ability to learn. We plan our daily experiences based on the interests that we find through observing the children in each room environment, and actively include the community and the children’s families to better enhance our learning. All of our planned activities are set up based on the developmental needs of each individual child. Our planning and day to day routines envelop all areas of a child’s development, we aim to meet their social, physical, language, intellectual, creative and emotional needs, and our activities help to enhance the skills that they require to succeed for the rest of their lives.

We encourage our staff to consistently upgrade their knowledge in Early Childhood Education, even after they have completed their college or university degrees, what is considered best practice is constantly changing and evolving, and new strategies are always becoming available. We feel that the children in our care never stop learning, so why should we!

We strongly believe in positive learning environments, adult directed consequences are not encouraged. We encourage children to learn self-help skills, such as problem solving, and negotiation. Our qualified staff guides the learning of these skills with the children in our Nursery Room all the way through to our school age children. We also believe in giving children an opportunity to learn through their mistakes. This is also known as natural and logical consequences. On that note we ensure that the safety of children is always a key component within our center and outside while exploring the environment. Information on our strategies is shared with the parents in an effort to keep home and daycare on the same page. We very much encourage parents to share what strategies they use at home, and we work together for the best interests of the children in our mutual care.


To empower children in their early years through quality programming, resources, and family support. Providing a supportive environment through best practice, guided by Educators and a partnership with children and their families.


Empowering Children For Life!